It’s not live. It’s Real.

Introducing a new approach to online gaming.

Our concept

Cinema meets casino

Our groundbreaking line of games merges Hollywood-style cinematography with RNG gameplay. The result: a luxury gaming experience unlike any other on the market.


Big-screen quality

Forged using top movie-industry producers, techniques and talent, Real Dealer games deliver audio-visuals that are simply beyond compare.


Immersive gameplay

Players interact with the glamorous Real Dealers in one-to-one fashion, creating the feel of an exclusive, private-table game.


Superior results

The games are fully software-based, guaranteeing a lively and 100% error-free performance from the first round to the last.

Meet Sarati, star of one
of our new roulette games!

Our portfolio

Looking for Hollywood-quality games?

Browse our list of available productions and get to know our dealers.

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one of your VIP hosts!

Real Dealer

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