What we do

Changing the game

Using top-quality interactive video and a bit of moviemaking magic, Real Dealer Studios brings the human touch to online games in a way never before imagined. Our concept, which differs from live casino, relies on professional actors, film directors and post-production crew to deliver a consistently flawless performance from the first round to the last.

One-to-one experience

The games are set in a private, luxury casino where it’s just you and the dealer. Each scene comes through with industry-leading visual and sound quality thanks to a powerful game engine that combines fluid gameplay with seamless video streaming.

Better than live

In stark contrast to their live studio counterparts, Real Dealers are always crystal-clear and full of energy. Players and operators alike will also appreciate the error-free dealing, the fast loading and the option to resume play if there’s an interruption.

Better for players


Ditch the crowd. It’s just you and the dealer.

Picture perfect

High-quality video production gets you immersed in the gameplay.

Crystal clear

No mumbling noise or distractions.

Always dazzling

Real Dealers give you a high-energy performance 24/7.

Better for business

A fresh offering

Stand out in a market crowded with more of the same.

Error-free dealing

Real Dealers never make mistakes or go off script.

Stable gameplay

Option to resume play if there’s an interruption.

Stand-alone product

Each game comes as a complete package, not linked to a live studio.

Meet Holly,
one of your VIP hosts!

Real Dealer

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